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Early Learning Division

Children's health, social servies and education. Learn more...

Energy Assistance

Winter fuel oil and utility heating bills assistance. Learn more...

Youth Services

After school and summer programs for children K-12. Learn more...

Supportive Services

Comprehensive, long term individual and family development support services to assist in the achievement of a set of goals. Learn more...

A Message from our Executive Director

Charles Tisdale Executive Director

Welcome to ABCD, Inc. and Thank You for visiting us. This allows me to tell you a bit about who we are and what we do. ABCD has been in existence for more than 50 years serving the needs of residents of Southern Connecticut, over 40,000 of which enter our doors each year. Our mission requires that we concentrate our efforts and resources on identifying and reducing the causes of poverty rather than only dealing with its effects. As a result we can point to countless numbers of clients who once needed our services but today are gainfully self-sufficient and no longer require our help. Unfortunately, the “paradox of poverty” still persists in this land of plenty and our client base perplexingly continues to grow. If you examine the services we provide you will see that we address the very basic needs of households, whether it is rental or eviction assistance, child care, early childhood education, energy assistance, youth services or employment preparation skills. Our record is a proven but unheralded one. Finally, I am truly grateful for your attention and I ask you to seriously consider supporting our efforts by visiting our Donate Page and making a contribution to any segment of ABCD you might wish to assist. We will make good use of it, I assure you.


  • To the folks at ABCD-
    Just a note to say thank you many times over for your assistance with my heating bill this winter and in years past. I am sure you see a lot of faces and put in a lot of hours and don't get the appreciation you deserve. But believe me, you're helping a lot of people and making a lot of hard lives a little easier. Other people get the attention, but it's you who's doing the good work. They don't pay you enough I am sure. But for what it's worth you do have my sincere thanks.
    Bridgeport, CT
  • Miss Ramos
    Thank you, it was kind of you ... just wanted to say thank you for your quick work a couple of weeks ago, because of that me and my family will have oil for the winter.
    God bless you always,
    J.W. & Family
  • Dear Ruth Perrin,
    We just want to thank you for your overwhelming kindness in our intake application process. Just want to let you know how much your helping kept my mom's grandson warm this year. He is on his third brain surgery due to Brain Cancer, as you can imagine it's financially and emotionally draining dealing with it. She has also been dealing with my disabilities all my life. She has her hands full, so every little bit helps a lot, and I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your kindness. Thank you so much for you public assistance with the community, you are irreplaceable.
    M.N. & J.N.
  • To: Ms Brown,
    You interviewed me for energy assistance. I was not approved due to my income being too high. I feel as though you went out of your way to help me when you made a phone calls on my behalf. You called me back and told me that there were no more funds available, but still you gave me hope. You gave me the number to Operation Fuel to call, and from there I was granted five hundred dollars. If it wasn�t for your professionalism and caring I would not have known about this program. Thank you so much again.
    Bridgeport, CT